Top 10 things that you probably missed or didn't see in the song Drag Me Down Official Vevo Music Video by One Direction. Not the lyric video. I bet you missed a lot of things. YOU MUST SEE THIS! Here is another one of my awesome video. This time, i will be showing you the top 10 things you probably missed in the vevo music video of Drag Me Down by One Direction. The music video was pretty simple and only took place in a NASA space shuttle head quarter. Although, it was only shot in one place, the fact that it was a NASA head quarter means that there could be alot of things that people might've missed while watching the music video. And boy was I right. This video doesn't have the actual footage from the official music video or the actual song because I don't want to have any copyright issues. But I still think that this video is still great without the footage or song. So please do enjoy. Top 10 Things You Missed In One Direction - Drag Me Down 2015 Music Video: 10. There are two camera screens of Liam Payne exercising 9. Small lights on the hand of a NASA robot 8. Harry Styles wearing a leather jacket with blue cougars on it 7. NASA robot with its bottom half put on backwards 6. NASA robot is not smart enough to follow Harry Styles 5. One Direction showing their love to God 4. Harry Styles doing the cat daddy 3. Harry Styles wanting to feel like a real astronaut 2. Niall Horan making weird hand gestures 1. Grandpa wearing shades while toying with Niall Horan

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